A business’ landscape water supply system needs to be properly evaluated in order to determine whether it meets the current water conservation analysis requirements and is working effectively to preserve the natural environment. FS Commercial Landscape can conduct a basic conservation analysis of water preservation measures, redesign your business’ old irrigation system and upgrade it to include the latest technology in water conservation.

FS Commercial Landscape will analyze the existing property, landscaping and irrigation systems, and give you well-informed recommendations to reduce water usage and costs. As a comprehensive provider of landscaping, irrigation and conservation analysis services, we can design well integrated and coordinated approaches to water conservation.There are a number of factors that are considered when assessing water consumption. Weather conditions, particularly temperature, rain and wind can all affect how much water is used. So too can the composition of the land and how it is used. Local mandates and restrictions that may be put in place by the property owner also play a role.

There are a number of steps that can be taken to conserve water on your property. Here are a few examples of issues that can be addressed by a thorough water conservation assessment.

  • Calibrate and adjust the timing of various water applications to reflect any changes to the weather.
  • Install irrigation controllers that sense the weather and adjust timing or output.
  • Install a water conservation clock that is sensitive to rain and weather fluctuations. This clock will assist in conservation.
  • Discuss the use of drip irrigation systems and other irrigation products that can aid in conservation by only watering plants and does not waste water on bare dirt, sidewalks, driveways, or buildings.
  • Use sprinkler systems that automatically turn off when it begins to rain.
  • Install a control system that can be managed centrally on your site and will monitor water usage and the installed irrigation systems.
  • Local water agency requirements. We will collaborate with local agencies to ensure compliance and to stay up to date on new technologies, equipment, and solutions.

Educate and train necessary staff at your site on measures they can take to conserve water as well as how to use control systems, troubleshoot if need be and read and analyze reports that are produced. Businesses should invest in water conservation because there are many benefits to your community and to your bottom line:

  • Lower water bills
  • Lower sewer charges. Less wastewater is discharged if less water is used.
  • Reduced wastewater discharge costs. As wastewater discharges are reduced, there is less of a need for expensive new treatment facilities.
  • Image. Demonstrating that your company values conservation efforts can be beneficial to the company's reputation in and around the community.

In addition to commercial landscape services and landscape maintenance, FS Commercial Landscape employs trained and licensed staff that will perform landscape conservation analysis, water conservation analysis, and landscape irrigation planning. FS Commercial Landscape provides services in and around Northern California including Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton, Fremont, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Hayward, South Bay, Los Gatos, Mountain View, Antioch and Pleasant Hill. Our Southern California office is located in Riverside and services Riverside County, Orange County and the Inland Empire.