21 Jun 2017
Commercial Landscaper Pleasanton CA

Commercial Landscaper Pleasanton CA

How to Select A Commercial Landscaper in Pleasanton, CA

F.S. Commercial Landscape Offers Proven Expertise, Comprehensive Services

Pleasanton, CA commercial property managers have a choice when it comes to selecting commercial landscapers. Whether it’s commercial landscape design or ongoing maintenance, you can trust F.S. Commercial Landscape for your jobs – large or small. How should you choose a commercial landscaper for landscape maintenance or irrigation drip systems installation? This helpful guide will show what to ask about and how to avoid some pitfalls.

  1. Check the Services Provided

You want to be sure that you select a commercial landscape design or maintenance provider that will meet all of your needs. Consider making an inventory of the services you may need and check to make sure commercial landscapers you’re considering can fulfill your requirements.

Among the likely services you may need are:

  • Maintenance and monthly service, including lawn, plant and tree trimming
  • Sprinkler system maintenance and repair
  • Tree removal, trimming and pruning
  • Sustainable landscaping that includes professional irrigation management
  • Water conservation analysis
  • Irrigation drip systems installation and maintenance
  • Landscape design services that provide solutions for problem areas or new looks for tired hardscapes and beds
  1. A Focus on Sustainability

In Pleasanton, CA, you want a partner who is concerned about protecting natural resources and saving you money on energy and watering costs. At F.S. Commercial Landscaping, we offer conservation analysis to surrounding areas of your commercial property.

This analysis assesses the natural elements within a landscape and provides recommendations for protecting the space and preserving water. After our analysis is complete, we will go over our findings with you and recommend systems that preserve your space and reduce water consumption.

If you install a drip irrigation system, we will also conduct regular maintenance and monitoring to ensure that broken or leaking lines and heads are fixed, valves are operating correctly, clocks are programmed and working properly and electrical systems are functional.

  1. Experience

You want a commercial landscaper who has worked on properties like yours. At F.S. Commercial Landscaping, we’ve worked with a wide array of commercial clients, including:

  • Hotels
  • Corporate headquarters and campuses
  • Sports complexes
  • Condos and apartments
  • Homeowners’ associations
  • Malls
  • Community properties
  • Municipal buildings
  1. A Commitment to Your Bottom Line

Look for a commercial landscaper who will work with you to understand your budget and financial needs. Our Eight Days a Week program maintains your property on an eight-day cycle, rotating one day each week and saving you 10 percent to 15 percent annually on your landscaping costs. This program also allows us to service areas that may not be accessible on a same-day schedule.

  1. A Creative Partner

When it comes to landscape designs, you need a partner who will come up with great, affordable options. Our experienced design teams think about a wide range of design elements, including:

  • Planting and flower beds, trees and shrubs
  • Foundation plantings
  • Hardscapes such as fences, walls, walkways, patios, decks and stairs
  • Lighting

With more than 4 decades of experience and more than 150 employees, we’re confident we can meet your commercial landscape needs.

21 Jun 2017
Landscape Maintenance Cupert

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Cupertino CA

Why Commercial Landscape Maintenance Is Just As Important As Landscaping

F.S. Commercial Landscaping Offers 40 Years of Experience in Cupertino, CA

Commercial landscaping is about more than keeping the lawn trimmed. With the right commercial landscape maintenance plan, you will add value, function and aesthetic beauty to your Cupertino, CA property. With so many choices for commercial landscape contractors available, you should be sure to choose a partner with the right skills, knowledge, and experience to enhance the natural beauty of your commercial property.

Here are a few reasons why commercial landscape maintenance is a good idea in Cupertino, CA:

  • Curb Appeal. A commercial establishment with beautifully maintained landscaping offers a great first impression for passersby. Manicured grass, fragrant and colorful flowers, foliage placed at strategically critical locations all project professionalism. For your customers, tenants, employees, and visitors, great landscaping evokes a feeling of professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Property Value. Well-landscaped properties add to the neighborhood appeal, boosting property values not only for your space but those of your neighbors as well.  Professional commercial landscape contractors understand they are contributing to the well-being of a neighborhood as well as a property. Good landscaping helps to boost the selling price of property or units within it.
  • Poorly maintained commercial landscaping can cause all kinds of problems by creating hazards via everything from loose walkway stones to fallen tree branches. Poor landscaping maintenance can also lead to other property issues, such as branches damaging a building wall or roof or lighting causing trips and injuries for workers or guests.
  • Money Savings. A smart commercial landscape design plan can save you considerably on utility bills, including air conditioning and heating costs. A water conservation plan can help install smart systems that do not waste natural resources and add to energy and water bills.
  • Less Crime. A well-maintained property is less likely to attract criminal elements, especially when coupled with the proper lighting system and hardscapes, designed to be welcoming … but not too welcoming.

Here are a few suggestions for your conversation with a commercial landscape maintenance company:

  • Consider adding seasonal flowers to liven up common areas and take advantage of native species.
  • Invest in hardscapes, such as walkways, paths, walls, stairs, fences, patios and decks that add functional space and create privacy.
  • Schedule regular tree and shrub maintenance, including trimmings and pruning to keep canopies looking beautiful and growing strong, removing dead and diseased branches and keeping greens looking tidy.
  • Assess lighting on your property and consider adding energy-efficient options such as LED, solar-powered and low-voltage systems. Look at box lighting, path lighting and well lights to pinpoint hazards and keep out unsavory elements.
  • Investigate creative maintenance cycles. At F.S. Commercial Landscape, we offer the Eight Days a Week program, which conducts maintenance every eight days, saving you up to 15 percent annually and allowing our trained teams to access areas that may be unavailable on same-day schedules.

Count on F.S. Commercial Landscape, with more than 40 years of experience, for all your commercial landscape maintenance needs.

23 May 2017
Commercial Landscaping Silicon Valley CA

Commercial Landscaping Silicon Valley

Commercial Landscaping Silicon Valley Trends

F.S. Commercial Landscape Inc. Focuses on Conservation, Functionality, and Beauty


It’s no surprise that in the cradle of technological innovation, technology is leading the way when it comes to commercial landscaping Silicon Valley, CA. Smarter irrigation and water conservation is helping companies save money and natural resources. However, there are some decidedly low-tech trends that are popular this year. At F.S. Commercial Landscape, we help commercial property managers keep ahead of the latest landscape maintenance and tree service trends. Here’s a closer look at the top trends.

  1. Smart Irrigation

New technologies help to save water, reduce utility and wastewater treatment costs and preserve natural beauty. Smart irrigation controllers can download weather information and adjust watering accordingly, or reduce output when rain is detected.

  1. Efficient Irrigation Heads and Regulators

New irrigation heads can reduce water consumption. Rotating heads distribute water more slowly and evenly. Efficient presume regulators help to reduce the fogging effect and lower the rate of evaporation.

  1. Zone Management

Smart zone management with your commercial landscaping helps you deliver less water to plants, shrubs, and trees that can get by with less moisture or less frequent watering schedules.

  1. Placemaking

We know that for many spaces in Silicon Valley, CA, there’s a need to create outdoor vistas that appeal to employees, customers or residents using space for many hours each day. Placemaking creates appealing spaces that attract people and keep them there longer through the strategic use of shade, plants, hardscapes such as benches, fountains and waterfalls, patios or sculptures.

  1. Drought-Tolerant Species

If water and precipitation levels drop, commercial planners are turning to plant species that can withstand dryer weather for longer periods of time. Inspired by the Mediterranean gardens of Greece, Italy and Spain, new landscape designs are using colorful annuals that when matched with the right soil and treatments, can provide beautiful views without a lot of water.

  1. The Green Roof

Imagine converting the roof of your property into a thriving, vibrant colorful vegetable garden. Roofs covered fully or partially with vegetation and plant life have multiple benefits. They can improve water absorption, reduce heat loss, lower energy usage and provide insulation.

  1. Using Native Plants

You will lower your water consumption and energy bills when you use native plants that are common to the soil composition, sun exposure and precipitation in northern California. Native plants often need less maintenance and can create a more natural environment that attracts birds and small animals to the area.

  1. Customized Lighting

New advances in the use of LED lighting allows for more creativity and innovation. You’re your property appealing, safe and visually dynamic at night by installing LED lighting in areas such as stairs, around hardscapes and along walkways.

F.S. Commercial Landscaping Silicon Valley offers a range of services, including water conservation, landscape design and landscape maintenance, tree service and irrigation system assessment, installation and maintenance. When you want to have innovative, bold and beautiful commercial properties, call on our trained and licensed experts to add beauty and function.

19 Apr 2017
Landscape Design Orange County CA

Landscape Design

Why FS Landscape Is The Most Trusted Expert In Commercial Landscape Design

With 40 Years of Experience and A Full Team of Professionals, We Help Customers Look Great


We understand you have a choice when it comes to your landscape design. At FS Commercial Landscape, we’ve been working with Orange County, CA, customers for decades to deliver beautiful designs that add form and function to your property. When you need landscape design or maintenance, we provide attentive service and are not satisfied unless you are. Find out more about why we’re the landscape service commercial property managers and owners turn to again and again.

Experienced Professionals

FS Commercial Landscape was founded in 1976 by a Cal Poly Pomona graduate. Today, G. John Wood’s company has grown to more than 150 employees. Our staff includes certified arborists, pest control professionals, and irrigators. Our focus is on providing landscape design services that provide an exceptional first impression for your guests, residents, employees and customers.

Innovative Design

We offer comprehensive guidance to design the landscape that works best for your property and budget. We create outdoor living spaces that are pleasant, functional and beautiful. We consider your needs and preferences, before recommending solutions that include:

  • Planting beds
  • Flower beds
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Foundation plantings
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation systems
  • Hardscapes, including:
    • Decks
    • Fences
    • Patios
    • Stairs
    • Walkways

Commitment to the Environment

At FS Landscape, we work outdoors every day. We focus on sustainable landscaping practices and the renovation of older properties. We are experts in water conservation, drip irrigation and irrigation system design that conserve resources and reduce utility payments.

Our water conservation work helps customers maximize the use of each precious drop. Our systems ensure uniform water distribution around the property, smart spraying processes that dont waste water, reducing or even eliminating water run-off, preventing wind from distorting the spread of water, and aligning watering schedules with weather.

Eight Days a Week

If you’re interested in saving 10 percent to 15 percent on your landscape service, ask about our 8-day scheduling option. While our standard practice is to provide once-a-week landscaping, we offer an 8-day week that lets us get at areas that may not usually get addressed as easily due to traffic, parking or usage schedules.

Let Us Light the Way

Our Orange County, CA, lighting programs keep your property safe, highlight features and add beauty to the space. We use new types of lighting, including LEDs, low-voltage and solar-powered lighting techniques to shine the right spotlight on your property. We can create a lighting plan for public areas, including parking lots, paths and entranceways, along with lights that highlight hardscapes and other features. Our lighting will keep property users and keep unwanted visitors away.

Ongoing Care

We are invested in our customers’ success and their properties. Our uniformed pros care deeply about each property they work on. We work to prevent problems and find solutions that keep properties looking pristine and beautiful. Our monthly newsletter keeps customers up to date on seasonal priorities, new products, and company news.

When you choose FS Commercial Landscape for landscape design in Orange County CA, you’re picking a partner who’s there with you all year ‘round.

19 Apr 2017
Commercial Landscape Design Cupertino CA

Commercial Landscape Design Cupertino

Spring Has Sprung: What That Means For Your Commercial Landscape Design Cupertino CA

FS Commercial Landscape Inc. Gets Your Property in Tip Top Condition


There is something special about spring’s arrival on the calendar – a time of renewal after the cooler and wetter winter months. When it comes to commercial landscaping, spring is an ideal time to get your Cupertino CA property ready for the busy warm-weather months. It’s also an ideal time to consider commercial landscape design projects. At FS Commercial Landscape Inc., we provide a complete range of commercial landscape service options for our clients. Let us help you get your property in top condition.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to commercial landscape design Cupertino CA properties.

  1. General Cleanup

Spring is an ideal time for a comprehensive cleanup of your property. It’s a great time to remove fallen branches and leaves, to give the property a good raking to clear away dead grass, to take away plants that are weak and fading, and to give the property a thorough inspection.

  1. Insect Control

While insects are an issue all year, your commercial landscaping service should treat shrubs, flower beds, grasses, and trees with insecticides to keep away unwanted bugs, especially those that may hatch or become more active in warmer weather.

  1. Seasonal Plantings

Plants and flowers, whether in beds, planters or containers, should be refreshed and in some cases changed out in the spring. Not only does the change give your property a fresh look and a different color scheme, it also lets you take advantage of buds that bloom or thrive in spring weather.

  1. Fertilize the Grounds

Whether you’re planting new flower beds or grasses, spring is the right time to fertilize your commercial property. New plants need fertilizers to promote stronger growth and fertilizers also boost growth for existing plants, trees, shrubs and grasses.

  1. Trim It Up

The winter can take its toll on trees and shrubs, even in our mild climate. Take the time this spring to trim and prune, removing any dead, damaged or diseased branches, neatening up the canopies and creating a visually pleasing appearance.

  1. Irrigation Maintenance

It’s a good time to make sure that the pipes, nozzles, sprinkler heads, controls and other parts of your irrigation system are working properly. A thorough inspection can check for any leaks and ensure that the system is working efficiently and conserving resources.

  1. Hardscape Maintenance

Your property may have many different types of hardscapes, including water features, walls, benches, fences, and paths. Spring is a great time to give these hardscapes a thorough cleaning, power washing and scraping to keep them looking their best. It’s also a good time to look at the lighting to make sure everything is working properly.

  1. New Ideas

Do you have something in mind to enhance your property by adding new features, changing up the plantings or installing new hardscapes? Spring is an excellent chance to consider the commercial landscape design and plan for new additions.

At FS Commercial Landscape, we have more than 40 years of experience working with commercial customers in a full-range of spaces, including hotels, malls, corporate headquarters and campuses, and municipal spaces. Let us help you get your property looking great. If you are looking for commercial landscape design Cupertino CA, contact FS Commercial Landscape.

15 Mar 2017
Commercial Landscape Santa Clara CA

Commercial Landscape Santa Clara

How To Maintain Your Commercial Landscape This Spring

Keep Properties And Commercial Landscape Santa Clara Beautiful As Seasons Change


As the calendar turns to spring, California commercial property owners and managers are thinking about how to spruce up their commercial landscape Santa Clara. At F.S. Commercial Landscape Inc., we help create commercial landscape maintenance plans that keep properties beautiful all year. We are the commercial landscape service that owners and managers turn to bring beauty, form and function to properties, regardless of their use.

To prepare your commercial property for the spring and summer months, here are a few commercial landscaping tips that will cause customers, employees, residents and users to delight as they enjoy your outdoor space.

  1. Prepare the Soil

Plants, trees and flowers need nutrient-rich soil to grow strong and thrive. Soil aeration services create small holes that allow water and oxygen to permeate deep into the soil and enrich growing plant roots. A soil analysis can also determine the pH levels of the soil on the commercial property, identify any acidity issues, and prevent issues related to growth later in the year.

  1. Clear the Debris

Even with the mild climate in Santa Clara, CA, spring is a good time to remove collected debris on the property, including dead leaves and fallen branches. A good raking of the property, including flower and plant beds, can help new plants, flowers and grasses grow. Clearing debris from flowerbeds allows for those early spring blooms to thrive.

Spring is also a good time to clean drainage grates and storm water systems to ensure they are not blocked and are functioning properly.

  1. Apply Weed Control and Fertilizer

Spring is the right time to apply weed control measures and to fertilize the commercial landscape site. These treatments promote growth and when done sequentially, help promote spring and summer growth of beautiful plants, grasses, and flowers. Fertilization also helps these plantings withstand and thrive in the higher temperatures that come with spring and summer seasons.

  1. Plan for Renovations

Are you thinking about renovations to the commercial property? You’ll want to partner with a commercial landscape service that can work closely with you to create the landscape design that maximizes the impact of your new construction.

At F.S. Commercial Landscape, we offer customers a full slate of services that provide you with a comprehensive approach to your property. We provide commercial landscape design services, including planting and transplanting flower and plant beds, foundation plantings at the base of your buildings and the use of trees and shrubs to frame and guide users.

We have 35 years of experience with commercial landscape Santa Clara. We also provide a full-range of hardscape design and installation services, including walls, water features, fences, patios, walkways, decks and stairs.

At FS Commercial Landscape, we help our customers conserve vital natural resources. We help develop water conservation systems and will inspect, design and install irrigation systems that save water and energy.

As the weather warms up, let our experienced professionals care for your property…and put a spring in your step.

If you are looking for Commercial Landscape services in Santa Clara CA, contact the professionals at F.S. Commercial Landscape at 510/623-1225.

25 Jan 2017
commercial landscape design San Jose CA

Commercial Landscape Design San Jose CA

FS Commercial Landscape Provides Expert Sustainable
Commercial Landscape Design San Jose CA

Commercial landscape design sets the tone for visitors, employees, customers, residents and guests. The right landscape design provides space for recreation, reflection, function and relaxation. At FS Commercial Landscape, we work with San Jose CA property owners and managers to deliver commercial landscaping that’s attractive to the eye and turns heads. Whether your business is large or small, when you need a commercial landscaper that provides sustainable landscape design and commercial landscape design San Jose CA, FS Commercial Landscape is the right choice.

Our certified commercial landscape designers have extensive experience with many types of sites. From fences to flowers, we work with customers to understand their commercial landscaping needs and develop plans that accentuate the natural flow of land. Whether it’s a business park, single storefront, public park or corporate headquarters, we can deliver a landscape design that dazzles.

Our designers will create a site map and complete a survey and analysis. Then, using our vast knowledge base of possible options, we will meet with your staff and make recommendations that fit your budget and timeline.

As a commercial landscaper, we will assess rainfall at your location and the height and size of any existing plants, trees, and structures. We consider sun and shape exposures, temperature, soil type, drainage and color options. We are proud of our commitment to sustainable landscape design that minimizes use of energy and water.

A commercial landscape design San Jose CA company can include a wide range of elements. Your commercial landscape installation may include the following:

  • Flower beds and flower pots of perennial and annual species that can be seasonally varied
  • Trees and shrubs that provide shade, complement other features and provide different visual levels for an eye to follow
  • Planting beds that meet your needs for hardiness, require maintenance and desired colors
  • Foundation plantings
  • Hardscapes, including paths, patios, fences, walls, walkways, stairs and decks
  • Lighting that can be traditional line-voltage lighting or newer LED, low-voltage or solar-powered options that use less energy. We can recommend a full range of lighting, including for safety, path and stair illumination, entranceways, box lights and well lights to highlight other design elements on the property

Irrigation and Water Conservation

At FS Commercial Landscape, we are committed to sustainable landscape design and commercial landscape design San Jose CA. We can recommend, install and maintain automated irrigation systems that lower utility bills and can help prevent plant stress and loss. We can also retrofit existing nozzle spray heads with newer fixtures that reduce water consumption.

Our water conservation services provide customers with a plan to use water efficiently and economically. A water conservation system has many advantages, including uniform distribution of water to all needed areas, better management of water spraying that reduces waste, a reduction or elimination of run-off from nonporous surfaces, protection from wind distortion, and adjusting usage depending on weather conditions.

When you need to make a statement with your property, count on FS Commercial Landscape to provide solutions that work. With more than 35 years of experience, you can count on our expert team to design and maintain your property beautifully. If you are looking for commercial landscape design San Jose CA or sustainable landscape design San Jose CA, contact FS Commercial Landscape at info@fslandscape.com or (510) 623-1225.