21 Feb 2017
commercial landscape maintenance San Jose

Commercial Landscape Maintenance San Jose

Hiring the Right Commercial Landscape Maintenance San Jose Company for Your Property

San Jose property managers and owners count on F.S. Commercial Landscape for all their landscape maintenance and landscape design needs. With years of award-winning experience and a keen attention to customer service, our skilled teams keep your property looking great all year round. When you need commercial landscape maintenance San Jose CA, F.S. Commercial Landscape is the commercial landscape company to count on.

With such a large number of businesses to choose from in San Jose CA, you need some perspective to select the ideal commercial landscape company. Here are a few things to look for when hiring:

  1. Make sure they offer a full range of services

You want a company that offers a full range of services, including:

  • Landscape maintenance, including scheduled mowing, pruning, trimming, edging, blowing and spraying services.
  • Enhancements, such as rotating annual and seasonal colors among plant and flower beds, mixing annual and perennial flowers, replacing damaged or dying plants in a timely manner and creating new landscape designs.
  • Landscape design that creates a strategy for your entire property that includes sidewalks, plant beds, walkways, shrubs, trees, patios, lighting, retaining walls, and hardscapes with dynamic focal points.
  • Turf care that provides for the regular application of chemicals such as herbicides and fertilizers.
  • Irrigation management that includes the inspection, repair, upgrading, maintenance and installation of energy-efficient components and environmentally sound practices.


  1. Select a company committed to sustainable landscape practices

Sustainability is far more than “the right thing to do.” Using sustainable commercial landscape design and commercial landscape maintenance San Jose practices helps to conserve natural resources and lower utility bills. In addition, potential tenants, residents, and buyers are often looking to do business today with companies that display a commitment to sustainability.

The company you select should focus on water conservation, use native plant and flower species, source locally, and incorporate sustainability into each landscaping project it does on your behalf, including using LED lighting and modern irrigation techniques.

  1. Choose a company with the right experience

You want a proven company that has a demonstrated track record of success. Ask for and check references from properties with a similar use and size. You want to be sure the company you choose has experienced landscape designers and horticulturalists with the education and certification that gives you confidence and peace of mind.

You also want a company with a commitment to customer service, safety and professionalism.

With F.S. Commercial Landscape, your property is in good hands. With more than 40 years of experience, our teams offer a full range of commercial landscape design and commercial landscape maintenance San Jose services, conservation analysis, irrigation system design and installation and tree management services. We serve commercial properties of any size, including municipal parcels, apartment and condo complexes, retirement communities, schools, sports facilities, theme parks, municipal parks, hotels and motels. We provide free estimates and affordable 8-day-week services that can save you 10 percent to 15 percent annually on commercial property landscaping maintenance.


20 Feb 2017
Commercial Landscape Maintenance San Jose

Commercial Landscape Maintenance San Jose CA

Drought Tolerant Commercial Landscape Maintenance San Jose CA

F.S. Commercial Landscape Inc. Uses Techniques, Materials to Preserve Natural Resources

California weather conditions are complicated, marked at times by great extremes of heat and moisture. Drought conditions are an ongoing and prevalent condition facing commercial property managers. With drought tolerant landscaping, San Jose CA commercial properties can preserve water, reduce carbon footprint and keep property beautiful. At F.S. Commercial Landscape, we provide commercial landscape design and commercial landscape maintenance San Jose that protect the environment and meet our customer’s needs.

Drought tolerant landscaping uses design and maintenance strategies that reduce the amount of needed maintenance and lower the reliance on natural resources, especially water.

Here are 9 steps that can be added to your commercial landscape design to boost drought tolerance in San Jose CA.

  1. Reduce the lawn footprint

Vast expanses of grass consume a great deal of water, fertilizer and mowing and weeding time. Replacing lawns with drought tolerant shrubs and groundcover.

  1. Know your soil

Conduct a soil test to understand the composition and pH of your soil. This step is helpful to understanding the cause of bare patches or excessive weeds.

  1. Replace plants

Invasive plants can take over flower and plant beds. We recommend replacing invasive species with native drought resistant varieties, such as California yarrow, Palmer’s Indian mallow, apricot mallow and California mountain lilac.

  1. Position plants, trees and shrubs in the right hydrozone

You want to be sure that “thirsty” plants and shrubs are in one area of your property and those that are more drought tolerant are in another.

  1. Conduct a water audit and irrigation assessment

The right irrigation system can ensure that water is used prudently. New systems can include features such as weather-sensing controls that reduce irrigation when there is rain in the forecast, for example. A thorough audit of your water usage and irrigation system can assess usage and recommend upgrades.

  1. Use driplines

A dripline can help to add the right amount of moisture to landscape beds, trees, shrubs and containers, ensuring that water is delivered directly to roots.

  1. Add mulch

The right type and amount of mulch can help soil retain moisture and keep away weeds that can sap moisture away from plants and flowers. Mulch also adds a protective barrier for plantings from extreme heat.

  1. Consider permeable hardscapes

Permeable pavers in walkways, entranceways and parking areas can help manage stormwater runoff. The use of other hardscapes, such as outdoor benches, walls and sculptures, reduce overall commercial landscape maintenance and utility costs while adding beauty and function to the property.

  1. Know your microclimates

The larger a property is, the more complex the ecosystem. Portions of the property may have very different conditions. For example, an area that gets a lot of sun or wind will likely be drier while areas that are shaded will be wetter most of the time. Developing a commercial landscape maintenance San Jose plan needs to account for these variances.

At F.S. Commercial Landscape, we value the importance of energy and resource conservation. That’s why we’re the solution San Jose CA property owners and managers turn to for sound drought resistant commercial landscaping design and maintenance.

20 Feb 2017
Commercial Landscape Design Alameda County Ca

Commercial Landscape Design Alameda County

Commercial Landscape Design for Your Commercial Property Alameda County

F.S. Commercial Landscape Inc. Offers Commercial Landscape Services for Alameda County

Commercial landscaping services offer a broad range of solutions for properties throughout Alameda County. From ongoing maintenance to commercial landscape design, F.S. Commercial Landscape Inc. provides affordable solutions and reliable expertise service that will delight customers, residents, employees and visitors alike.

Commercial real estate is a highly competitive industry, with companies vying for renters, residents, owners and customers. With a dynamic commercial landscape design, your property will stand out and make a great first impression.

The right landscape design adds a wow factor and raises eyebrows when prospects first visit. At F.S. Commercial Landscape, we have a talented  and award-winning team of designers, horticulturalists and technicians to help create the professional design you expect.

A great commercial landscaping design also adds to the property value, whether it’s a retirement or condo complex, apartment building, mall, office building or corporate complex.

We start with an initial consultation with Alameda County customers to understand the needs and desires for the property. We conduct a comprehensive site inspection and analysis in order to create a budget-conscious, manageable and innovative design that’s customized for the property.

Our landscape architects and designers emphasize sustainable and native plant materials, green landscape maintenance and scalable concepts that can grow as the site expands.

Once the landscape design plan is approved, our implementation teams work to install the solution quickly and thoroughly. With regular communication with our customers and designers, we take great care to create the ideal solution that will meet all of your expectations and needs.

A commercial landscape design can feature any number of components, such as:

  • Trees and shrubs whether new or transplanted
  • Seasonally appropriate flowers and plant beds
  • Outdoor seating, including benches, gazebos and patios
  • Signage
  • Other hardscapes such as retaining walls, fencing, pathways and sidewalks
  • Irrigation, stormwater and drainage systems
  • Grading
  • Landscape lighting

Our Approach

Your commercial landscape design does far more than create a first impression. At F.S. Commercial Landscape, we focus on solutions that are cost-effective to install and maintain your landscape. We look at each solution as a revitalization project that helps bring a property to life or infuse it with a new look and energy.

Our solutions are also designed to celebrate and announce new management or new emphasis on a property. Our landscaping design focuses on user safety and crime reduction, providing pathways, walkways, open space and lighting solutions that enhance and expand the functional use of the land.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance and Other Services

In addition to our award-winning landscape design services, F.S. Commercial Landscape also provide ongoing maintenance services for your commercial property. Maintenance ensures that landscapes are well maintained, working properly and replaced or repaired in a timely manner when necessary.

Our maintenance and other services include:

Mowing, trimming and edging

Fertilizer and pesticide treatments

Tree trimming and removal

Shrub pruning

Sustainable irrigation system installation and management

Integrated pest management

Landscape conservation analysis

For more information on F.S. Commercial Landscape design and maintenance services, in Alameda County and a free consultation, contact us at (510) 623-1225.