25 Jan 2017
commercial landscape design San Jose CA

Commercial Landscape Design San Jose CA

FS Commercial Landscape Provides Expert Sustainable
Commercial Landscape Design San Jose CA

Commercial landscape design sets the tone for visitors, employees, customers, residents and guests. The right landscape design provides space for recreation, reflection, function and relaxation. At FS Commercial Landscape, we work with San Jose CA property owners and managers to deliver commercial landscaping that’s attractive to the eye and turns heads. Whether your business is large or small, when you need a commercial landscaper that provides sustainable landscape design and commercial landscape design San Jose CA, FS Commercial Landscape is the right choice.

Our certified commercial landscape designers have extensive experience with many types of sites. From fences to flowers, we work with customers to understand their commercial landscaping needs and develop plans that accentuate the natural flow of land. Whether it’s a business park, single storefront, public park or corporate headquarters, we can deliver a landscape design that dazzles.

Our designers will create a site map and complete a survey and analysis. Then, using our vast knowledge base of possible options, we will meet with your staff and make recommendations that fit your budget and timeline.

As a commercial landscaper, we will assess rainfall at your location and the height and size of any existing plants, trees, and structures. We consider sun and shape exposures, temperature, soil type, drainage and color options. We are proud of our commitment to sustainable landscape design that minimizes use of energy and water.

A commercial landscape design San Jose CA company can include a wide range of elements. Your commercial landscape installation may include the following:

  • Flower beds and flower pots of perennial and annual species that can be seasonally varied
  • Trees and shrubs that provide shade, complement other features and provide different visual levels for an eye to follow
  • Planting beds that meet your needs for hardiness, require maintenance and desired colors
  • Foundation plantings
  • Hardscapes, including paths, patios, fences, walls, walkways, stairs and decks
  • Lighting that can be traditional line-voltage lighting or newer LED, low-voltage or solar-powered options that use less energy. We can recommend a full range of lighting, including for safety, path and stair illumination, entranceways, box lights and well lights to highlight other design elements on the property

Irrigation and Water Conservation

At FS Commercial Landscape, we are committed to sustainable landscape design and commercial landscape design San Jose CA. We can recommend, install and maintain automated irrigation systems that lower utility bills and can help prevent plant stress and loss. We can also retrofit existing nozzle spray heads with newer fixtures that reduce water consumption.

Our water conservation services provide customers with a plan to use water efficiently and economically. A water conservation system has many advantages, including uniform distribution of water to all needed areas, better management of water spraying that reduces waste, a reduction or elimination of run-off from nonporous surfaces, protection from wind distortion, and adjusting usage depending on weather conditions.

When you need to make a statement with your property, count on FS Commercial Landscape to provide solutions that work. With more than 35 years of experience, you can count on our expert team to design and maintain your property beautifully. If you are looking for commercial landscape design San Jose CA or sustainable landscape design San Jose CA, contact FS Commercial Landscape at info@fslandscape.com or (510) 623-1225.

25 Jan 2017
Commercial Landscape Maintenance San Jose CA

Commercial Landscape Maintenance San Jose CA

Keep Your Property Looking Its Best With FS Commercial Landscape’s
Commercial Landscape Maintenance San Jose CA

When you hire our experienced team at FS Commercial Landscape for your property, you’re hiring a Director of First Impressions. Commercial landscaping can help you send the right message to customers, clients, residents, employees and visitors. You need a commercial landscape maintenance program that is reliable and gives you the peace of mind that work will be done on time and done well. For more than 35 years, FS Commercial Landscape has been the top choice for commercial landscape maintenance San Jose CA.

We work with each of our customers to understand their business and their landscaping needs. We focus on solutions and create a service plan for each property to ensure it is in pristine condition and helping meet business goals.


Landscaping services

Our comprehensive commercial landscape maintenance services include treatments that will keep grasses, plants, trees and flowers looking their best. They include:

  • Lawn Mowing and Trimming. We will work with you to determine a regular and consistent mowing schedule to keep grasses and lawns pristine. Clippings from our mowing help to nourish soil and keep grass growing strong and healthy.
  • Aeration. Aerating your lawn means adding small perforations to it at regular intervals. Doing so helps to loosen up soil that lets water, sunlight and important nutrients penetrate deeper. Your lawn will be stronger and greener all year round.
  • Weed Management. Weeds are a nuisance and unsightly. Our weed abatement services can help prevent invasive species from gaining a toehold and spreading, while keeping grasses, plants and trees safe.
  • Mulching. Mulch does much more than add a dramatic splash of color to flower and plant beds. Mulch also helps regulate water and can keep away pests, both animals and weeds.
  • Seasonal Plantings. When the seasons change, it can be an ideal time to switch up the flower beds and other plantings. We can recommend seasonal colors and varieties that stand up well to the changes in temperature, sunlight and rainfall.

Tree Services

In addition to the full line of commercial landscape maintenance services, we offer comprehensive tree maintenance and removal services. We can safely remove limbs, branches or full trees that have fallen or are creating a hazard. We will also prune trees to dispose of branches that have been damaged or weakened, are diseased or are dead. Pruning also allows young trees to grow in specific patterns. Finally, we can remove tree stumps that are not only unsightly but can be a hazard to those using the property.

At FS Commercial Landscape, we offer customers a full range of commercial landscaping services. In addition to commercial landscape maintenance San Jose CA services, we also provide water conservation analysis and irrigation maintenance and installation. Our experienced and certified landscape designers help clients throughout California create the commercial landscaping that is pleasing to the eye, functional and affordable. Our team of more than 150 employees prides itself on communication with customers and each other. When you need a commercial landscaper, choose FS Commercial Landscape. We deliver results that exceed expectations. If you are looking for commercial landscape maintenance San Jose CA, contact FS Commercial Landscape at info@fslandscape.com or (510) 623-1225.



25 Jan 2017
Commercial Landscaper San Jose CA

Choosing a Commercial Landscaper San Jose CA

FS Commercial Landscape is a Full-Service Provider As Your
Commercial Landscaper San Jose CA

Commercial landscaping is an important consideration for any business owner or property manager. How your property looks has a lasting impression on customers, employees, residents, guests and the community. You want a commercial landscaper you can trust to do the job reliably and on time. Whether it’s ongoing commercial landscape maintenance, commercial landscape design, or the need for a commercial landscaper San Jose CA, count on FS Commercial Landscape to get it right.

We have more than 35 years of experience serving San Jose CA and surrounding communities. Our trained and certified employees have worked on properties large and small. In every case, we make sure our customers are satisfied fully and can rely on our service and quality care for your property.

Here are three helpful tips for how to choose the right commercial landscaper San Jose CA for your needs.

  1. Know What You Need

Not all commercial landscaping companies offer the same suite of services. Make sure to ask for a comprehensive list of services offered from any contractor you’re considering. Match that list with what your property needs.

Some companies focus on basic commercial landscape maintenance services, such as lawn mowing, weeding, trimming, pruning, aeration, flower and plant management and fertilizing. Commercial landscapers can also switch out plantings to align with seasonal colors.

Others offer landscape design services that will evaluate a commercial site and design a comprehensive plan for plantings, outdoor structures and focal points.

Irrigation systems are an important part of any San Jose CA commercial property. Many commercial landscapers will design, install, inspect, adjust and repair irrigation systems.

Other companies will install various features and small structures on your landscape, ranging from water elements to retaining walls, hardscapes, drainage systems, lighting systems and erosion control features.

Some companies also provide commercial tree services, including tree removal, trimming and pruning of trees and shrubs, and stump removal.

Finally, it’s important in California to make sure you hire a commercial landscaper who provides sound conservation consultation services to preserve our vital natural resources.

  1. Sustainable Practices

A commercial landscaper makes his or her living working outdoors. You want to work with a partner who values and uses sound sustainable work practices. Consider asking any commercial landscape company the following questions:

  • What happens to yard waste such as clippings, branches and leaves? Are they recycled?
  • Where are organic materials (plants, trees, bushes, flowers) purchased? Are native plants encouraged?
  • Does the company have suggestions for helping you save money and natural resources?
  • How energy efficient are irrigation and lighting systems.
  1. Check Qualifications

Look for a company that has employees with the right credentials and certifications. Has the company won any awards or been recognized for their work or customer service? Also be sure to ask for and check references.

At FS Commercial Landscape, we offer a full range of commercial landscape design and commercial landscape maintenance services. We also provide commercial irrigation, landscape conservation and tree services. Find out why so many commercial property owners and managers turn to FS Commercial Landscape for all their commercial landscaping needs. Contact us at info@fslandscape.com or (510) 623-122.